Editproof Australia



Thank you [the work you did] was excellent as usual and … very reasonable; it would have taken me a lot longer and not achieved the correct result.

  -  Ian Carr
  Syndicate Communications Group

Editproof is regularly commissioned by Weavers Design Group to proofread and copy edit long documents, usually of a detailed and technical nature.

Both ourselves and our clients have come to rely upon Editproof and the editorial services provided by Brid Morahan. We have always found the work done by Brid to be of the highest levels of quality and accuracy. She has a high attention to detail and always identifies a number of issues overlooked by the authors of the documents.

Brid's expertise in reviewing a document gives me confidence that no major errors exist and I am very happy to recommend Editproof to any one who wants that same reassurance.

  -   John Weaver
  Managing Director
  Weavers Design Group


Hi Brid,

I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic work you did on the report. I was able to get the report into the NBA today having fixed up some of those minor changes.

Best wishes


-  Bernie Harrison
   Clinical Leadership Development & Training
   Blood Watch Program
   Clinical Practice Improvement Program
   Clinical Excellence Commission
   Sydney 2000