Editproof Australia



At editproof australia, we specialise in editing and proofreading your written word to: clarify your meaning; impress your current and potential clients with your accuracy in expression, grammar, punctuation and spelling; and alter your structure or style to suit a new audience or purpose.

In either hardcopy transferred by post or courier; or in electronic copy, we at editproof australia will accept your written text to help you gain further business.

Are you a tradesperson seeking to successfully win government or other contract work through a tender process, but lacking confidence in your writing style to fulfil the requirements of the paperwork? We have experience in rewriting specifications into a tender quote document that is suitable for submission to the government contract awards system.

Are you working for a non-government organisation that is struggling to write grant applications for government funding? We can help you to win the grant with specialist writers who have successfully applied for a range of grants in a range of charity and NGO fields.

Are you an Honours, Masters or PhD student preparing a thesis in the sciences, engineering, or other disciplines but with poor spelling and punctuation skills or awkward expression? We have academic writers who can proofread your work without altering your meaning or intent, to improve the structure, spelling and punctuation in a way that enhances your research. This is done in close consultation with you so that you retain ownership of and final say regarding all included material.

Do you have regular articles and journals that go to your stakeholders with the occasional embarrassing typo, or incorrect contact details? The independent eyes at editproof australia can check these on a regular basis to save you hours of apologetic follow-up to concerned parties.

At editproof, we:

- proofread;   - index;
- copyedit;   - fact-check;
- structurally edit

your written word text. Please use our Contact Form or call 0418 239 116 to ask for a quote.